“The Sunbeams offer us something different here at the Irish Pub. They are a very accomplished unit who really project their energy from the stage no matter what the crowd. Their sets are well thought out and full of surprises, mixing their own versions of classic hits with the unexpected.”                                                         – Stefan Mohr, Manager Irish Pub Europa Center, Berlin

“… a very accomplished unit… sets are well thought out and full of surprises…”

“The Sunbeams are a very fresh sounding band with tonnes of energy to back them up. It is very clear that they love what they do and the quality of the performance can be felt at all their shows through the crowd’s reaction.”                 – Paul Daly, Kilian’s & Kennedy’s Pubs, München

“… fresh sounding band… tonnes of energy… love what they do…”

“The Sunbeams have been our main weekend band here for 4 years now. They are professional, bursting with energy, and more importantly highly entertaining. They have a massive catalogue of music which they seem to add to monthly, making them perfect for the big occasions (New Years, St. Patrick’s Day etc). We the staff always love having them play while we work. They have also built a strong following of people who regularly attend their shows.”                       – S. Wilkinson, Manager Kilkenny Pub, Berlin

“…professional, bursting with energy, highly entertaining.”


“Thank you Sunbeams for making our special day even more special. With guests from two sides of the world and cultures apart, you brought them all together on the dancefloor, and it brought our family fitness to an all-new level!”                       – Sanji & Graham

“…special… brought our families together on the dancefloor…”

“Thank you Sunbeams for taking all the stress out of our day. It was so great to know that the party side of things was always going to live up to the occasion. We were amazed at the variety of tunes you played, and you pulled off our obscure requests flawlessly. Thank you so much again.”                                                             – Jasmine & Liam

“…taking all the stress out of our day…”

“The Sunbeams were great! They crossed the continent to be with us, they put on a really energetic show, even learned some of our favourite songs and rocked the party! All of our friends and family were impressed. Thanks guys.”                          – Eimear & Cameron

“….really energetic… even learned some of our favourite songs….”


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