Berlin's Most Original Cover Band

The Sunbeams are a 3-piece cover band based in Berlin. Formed in 2003 in Cork, Ireland they have been entertaining crowds throughout Europe with their energetic and upbeat takes on Rock, Pop, Punk, Funk, Reggae and Soul classics. What separates a Sunbeams show from the rest is not only the unique and astounding breadth of their repertoire, but the positive energy they bring to the stage. From the moment the boys step on stage there is a smile that permeates the air, and the audience can’t help but be swept away in the joy of the music. Guaranteed: You will hear your song. That song that makes you hit the dance floor, that song that makes you sing out loud, that song that makes you grab the one you love. And you will hear that song performed with more gusto than you’ve ever heard before.




Weddings & Events

“My 80-year-old grandfather and my 8-year-old niece were dancing for 4 hours straight.”

    The challenge of planning a wedding or event is how to cater to the tastes of such a diverse group of people. Mom likes Dolly Parton, Dad is strictly into classic rock, that cousin you hardly ever see only listens to old school Hip Hop. The Sunbeams will bring them all to the dance floor. Both the casual fan, and the crate-digging musicologist will find something to love about The Sunbeams.


    The Association Specialists
    Kilkenny Irish Pub

    “The Sunbeams offer us something different here at the Irish Pub. They are a very accomplished unit who really project their energy from the stage no matter what the crowd. Their sets are well thought out and full of surprises, mixing their own versions of classic hits with the unexpected.”

    – Stefan Mohr, Manager Irish Pub Europa Center, Berlin


    “The Sunbeams are a very fresh sounding band with tonnes of energy to back them up. It is very clear that they love what they do and the quality of the performance can be felt at all their shows through the crowd’s reaction.”

    – Paul Daly, Kilian’s & Kennedy’s Pubs, München

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